8 Facts About Roofs You Should Know


1. Roofs Need To Breathe

Ventilation of a roof is crucial for a long-lasting, healthy roof. It will help the roof maintain a consistent temperature and prevent moisture. Moisture can lead to mold and mildew leading to an assortment of health problems. Proper ventilation will also allow the home to be more energy efficient because it will put less work on the HVAC system. 


2. Proper Insulation is Crucial

Proper insulation in the attic allows a roof to perform at its peak. Our sister company, Green Factor Insulation, can take care of this while also taking care of your roof. Our teams work together to get the job done right. By working with both our experienced teams, you can ensure that the job is done right!


3. Weather Impacts Longevity

The climate you live in can cause a significant difference in what type of roof you have and how long it will last. Exposure to harsh weather conditions can cause your roof to deteriorate faster. These harsh conditions can include extreme temperatures, heavy rain, snow, and high winds. In Kansas, the weather is changing all the time. Each week could feel like a different season. Maintaining proper maintenance is crucial to ensure that our roofs are always in the best shape possible.


4. You Should Inspect Your Roof After Every Six Months

Have you ever had your roof inspected? I'm sure that if you have, you haven't been getting it done every 6 months. At the least, they should be checked annually. Inspections are important to identify problems before they cause extensive damage. Staying on top of it will increase the lifetime of your roof!


5. Water is the Enemy

Water damage is one of the biggest problems for a roof. It is usually substantial damage that is extremely costly to fix. Leaks and ice dams can cause damage to every single part of your home structure. This is another example of how roofing inspections are so important to a home's maintenance. It is also important to have your gutters cleaned annually to ensure proper water drainage. You can give us a call to learn more about our gutter cleaning options.


6. Metal Roofs Aren't Prone to Lightning Strikes

It is a common mistake to think that metal roofs attract lightning. Typically, lighting will strike the closest thing in its path which could be a tree or any type of building. If a metal roof is struck by lightning, you are completely safe. A metal roof is designed to disperse electrical energy and is the least likely type of roof to combust. 


7. Flat Roofs Aren't Flat

Ironically, flat roofs aren't completely flat. The first time I heard this, I was baffled. I had seen flat roofs and walked on a flat roof and I couldn't tell a difference. There is a slight slope to it to allow water to be directed off the roof. Without this slight slope, water could build up on the roof and cause lots of damage. 


8. New Roof Life is Longer Than You Think!

A new roof lasts around 20-30 years but could be as much as 50 years if the proper maintenance is done to the roof! However, if the roof becomes damaged and the damage festers, the roof could be ruined. Roofs are important in protecting the home. On-going maintenance is required to create a home that will last!

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